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Jasmine St James - The Most Embarrassing Thing I've Ever Done

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Jasmine St James - The Most Embarrassing Thing I've Ever Done
It's every realtor's nightmare, turning up at a property for a showing, desperate to pee, only to find the toilet sealed up and in need of attention. Jasmine calls the office to find out what is going on, crossing her legs and looking anxious as she talks to her colleague. The colleague asks if Jasmine is concerned about the bathroom because she herself needs to use the facilities, but Jasmine denies this (it's again company policy, she knows that), pointing out that the client will want to know. After ending the call, Jasmine calculates how much time she has before the client arrives... ten minutes. Long enough.

She makes her way to the back of the house, her desperation made worse by the rain. She pulls up her skirt, tugs down her tights and is about to remove her panties when a voice calls out. Damn it! He's early! Not daring to take the risk of being discovered with her panties down, Jasmine quickly pulls her tights back into place and lowers the hem of her skirt. She goes to meet the client and begins showing him around the outside of the property, trying to keep her frantic urge to pee under control. The client says he would like to go inside and use the bathroom, and Jasmine has to go through the agony of explaining that the bathroom is out of order, and that she really needs to pee too. The client does not seem to notice her predicament. He makes some excuse about looking around some of the property on his own, asking her to wait for him. Jasmine knows he is going to pee in the woods and wishes she could do the same. After waiting a minute and feeling like she is about to wet herself, Jasmine runs back to her car, opens the door, lifts her skirt, pulls her underwear down and is just about to pee when the client comes back, calling her. She is forced to abort for a second time. Now she is bursting.

As she shows the man around the house, she takes every opportunity to squirm when his back is turned. Finally, he decides to go and look at the basement alone, giving Jasmine the chance to do something about her tortured bladder. She says she is just going to wash her hands and dashes into the bathroom. She sees only one option - she will have to pee in the bath tub! She lifts her skirt and pulls her panties down yet again, dropping onto the side of the bath, finally able to get relief. She is utterly mortified when the client pushes open the bathroom door to talk to her while she is still peeing.
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