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Niki Lee Young - Predicament

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Niki Lee Young - Predicament
Niki is hurrying back to work after lunch and just makes it into the elevator before the doors close. A man is already in there and Niki greets him with a smile, even though she actually needs to pee rather badly. As the elevator climbs towards the tenth floor, it suddenly stops with a jolt and all sounds from above cease. The buttons beside the door are not working and the emergency phone is dead. Niki and the stranger are trapped, and now she realizes the extent of her predicament, she really needs to pee. She does her best to hide her condition for the longest time, trying not to draw too much attention to herself as she squirms in desperation, but as the time drags by and her need to pee grows much worse, she finally has to come clean to her companion about her situation. He is sympathetic and tries not to embarrass her any more than she already is, but it is clear that she is now very desperate to relieve herself. Finally, unable to wait any longer, Niki wets herself as discretely as possible. (The wetting scene is shown split screen, revealing the pee running down Niki's legs while at the same time allowing you to watch her reactions. As with all these scenarios, Niki had to pee pretty badly from the start of filming. By the time she could let it go she really was bursting, as evidenced by the fact that she peed for a minute and thirty seconds).
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