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Becca - No Place To Pee

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Becca - No Place To Pee
Becca is on her way to the stores, happy to be out on a warm summer's day. She arrives at her destination, enters a store and begins shopping. Now that she is standing, she feels a sudden urge to pee, realizing she should have used the bathroom before leaving home. She continues shopping, crossing her legs and starting to squirm. She decides she will have to do something about her situation and looks around the perimeter of the store for a bathroom. There isn't one! She will just have to hold it until she gets home. After collecting some makeup, she goes to the checkout and then departs. When she sits backing her car, she needs needs to pee rather badly and gets underway. Unfortunately, she needs to get more fuel for the car and struggles as she stands at the pump, even holding herself briefly. After pumping gas, she hurries into the shop, only to find their bathroom is temporarily closed. The fates are against her today, she is condemned to drive with a very full bladder. On the way home, she encounters construction and is delayed, growing frustrated by the delay. With this obstacle behind her, she soon encounters another one: He car begins to lurch. Something is wrong with the engine. Finally, it just stops in an upmarket residential area. Unable to make it start again, Becca puts her shopping in the trunk and starts walking. It's several miles home and she is bursting to pee. She makes several attempts to pee on the roadside, but passing cars and barking prevent her gaining the relief she so badly needs. To make things worse still, heavy rain begins to fall and thunder rumbles around the heavens. Becca is bursting, tortured by all the running water, but she just can't find anywhere safe to pee. Home is close now and she begins to hurry, desperate to avoid having an accident. She fumbles with the door key, rushes inside and dashes into the bathroom, but it's too late. She is already wetting herself. Pee is streaming through her panties and down her legs, soaking her jeans and filling her suede boots. There is nothing she can do to stop it. At least she didn't wet herself in public. Becca removes her clothes and climbs into the shower, anxious to clean herself up.
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pakae 28 May 2020 01:46
Dear u should pee behind car or during raining when no car was passing

Dear u shold pee behind your car or during raining that tym no car was passing