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Becca & Jasmine - No Hard Feelings

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Becca & Jasmine - No Hard Feelings
Becca and Jasmine applied for the same promotion at work and Jasmine got it. Becca pretends that she does not mind, saying there are no hard feelings, and even offers to drive them to town for a day out shopping. Jasmine readily agrees. Before they head out, Becca suggests a glass of water. Jasmine drinks it, unaware that a little extra something has been added to hers, a diuretic that .In the car, Becca apologizes for making Jasmine ride in the back, claiming that she split something sticky on the front passenger seat. An unsuspecting Jasmine goes along with this. Soon after they get on the road, Jasmine begins squirming because she suddenly needs to pee, but at first she doesn't mention this to Becca. Only when the urge to relieve herself quickly escalates does Jasmine begin asking how far it is to the mall on the route Becca has chosen. When she learns that she will be trapped in the car with a very full bladder for almost another half hour, Jasmine asks if Becca could find somewhere to pull over, explaining that she really needs to use the bathroom. Becca explains that stopping on these back roads is not safe, and encourages Jasmine to wait until they get to the mall. Jasmine does her best to control herself, but her wiggling is growing more intense. She looks extremely anxious because she is practically bursting. When she keeps pressing Becca to find a place to pull over, Becca finally confesses what she has done, admitting that she is peeved that Jasmine got the promotion and she didn't. It seems there are hard feeling about it after all. Jasmine is shocked that her so-called friend would do this to her, and when she threatens to pee on the car seat, Becca becomes angry, warning her that she had better not. Finally, Becca is forced to pull over and release the locks on the back doors of her car. Jasmine jumps out, runs around to the verge, opens the doors to help shield her from other vehicles, then starts to pull down her jeans. She barely gets started before she loses control of her bladder. She stands there and wets her jeans. To get this humiliating experience over as quickly as possible, Jasmine pushes hard to make her pee flow as fast as she can. Even so, it takes almost a minute to empty her bladder. Her humiliation increases when Becca tells her she is not getting back into her car in those pee-soaked jeans, so Jasmine is forced to take them off, right there on the roadside. She has no choice but to continue the journey in her wet panties, hoping that Becca will take her home rather than continuing on to the mall.
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