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Jasmine St James - Jasmine Bursting in Bra & Panties

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Jasmine St James - Jasmine Bursting in Bra & Panties
Jasmine has adopted the role of a submissive in a relationship. She know her boyfriend likes to know that she is desperate to pee when he is out, and that she will hold it until he gets home. He also likes it when she is wearing only a bra and panties. On this occasion, Jasmine's desperation is really building, so she calls her boyfriend to ask if she can go and use the bathroom. He says she is not permitted to go, and asks if she has consumed the large container of drink he left for her. She says she is working on it. She learns then that her boyfriend has installed a camera to watch her when he is not at home, making sure she does as she is told. Jasmine finds the camera, and realizes that she can't sneak off and pee, and that she will have to finish the contents of that very large cup of liquid. She struggles as she drinks, worrying that she might soon wet her panties and be in a lot of trouble. She pleads with her boyfriend again, repeating her request for permission to go, but he will not give it. Jasmine continues to wait, but in an ever increasing state of desperation. During her final bid to secure permission, she wets her panties and her boyfriend can see her do it. Now she is in big trouble.
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