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Cali, Hannah & Cadence - Bladder Burst

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Cali, Hannah & Cadence - Bladder Burst
A pub on the outskirts of town has a weekly feature called Bladder Burst. Basically, at the barman's discretion, he will announce: &quote;Drinks are free until someone pees.&quote; Obviously, anyone who tries to use the toilets or attempts to leave is blocked from doing so, because as soon as either of those things occurs, everyone in the pub has to pay for their drinks again. Enter Cali, Hannah and cadence, all trying this pub for the first time and unaware that it is a Bladder Burst evening. This is very unfortunate for cali who badly needs to pee. When the barman blocks her from visiting the ladies, explaining that letting her go would start a riot, Cali has no choice but to hold her pee or incur the wrath of everyone in the pub. She decides to make the best of the situation, saying to her friends, &quote;It's okay. I can hold it. Let's get some free beers!&quote; The barman obliges, bringing out three pint glasses brimming with beer. The girls drink and chat and have a great time. After a while, Cali starts to look very anxious. She had been hoping that someone else in the bar would need to pee more than she does and break ranks. However, no one has used the bathroom and now she is bursting. She decides to leave, but the barman blocks the exist, warning her that the last person who did that got handcuffed to a post outside and was left there for the entire evening. Cali complains about the conduct but has to yield and carry on waiting. She orders another beer, saying, &quote;If I'm going to suffer, I might at least make it worth my while.&quote; She drinks a little more, but it's a mistake. She leaks a little into her jeans and her two friends gape in horror at the wet patch on the back of her jeans. Cali pee dances, desperately trying to hold on, but it's no good. She's forced to wet herself in front of the entire bar, a situation made even worse by the barman announcing, &quote;We've got a pisser. Free drinks is over.&quote;
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