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Amanda Foxx - Having Such a Bad Day

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Amanda Foxx - Having Such a Bad Day
Amanda is a bank clerk who has been taken hostage by a bank robber. He makes her drive him using her car, using her as insurance to prevent police interference. Forced to drive for a number of hours without a break, Amanda is finally forced to admit that she badly needs to pee and asks if they can stop somewhere for a restroom. The robber tells her no, and just keep driving. After a while, as her desperation grows acute, Amanda brings up the subject of a bathroom break again. The robber tells her she can't get out of the car, but if she wants to stop at a drive through and order a cup of drink, she can use the cup to pee in. Grateful for any chance to relieve herself, Amanda reluctantly agrees. She finds a fast food place with a drive through. The line of cars is quite long and Amanda starts to panic, worrying that she might not be able to hold her pee for so long. The robber makes her wait until she is able to place an order for a large cup of tea. After they get back on the highway, Amanda wants to know when she can stop and empty out the contents of the cup so that she may use it. The robber has other ideas; he tells her she has to drive all the tea before she can use the cup, and that they'll keep an eye open for a place to pull off the road. Eventually, the robber tells Amanda to pull over. He then makes her sit there and finish the tea, squirming in desperation as she does so. When at last the cup is empty, Amanda struggles with her skirt and underwear, so desperate to get the cup between her legs. Finally, she manages to position it under her vagina, and despite the huge embarrassment of having to relieve herself in front of the robber, she starts to pee, and goes on peeing until the cup is nearly full. The robber tells her to get herself dressed again and carry on driving. Amanda obeys, aware that is only a matter of time before the tea passes through her and her bladder fills again.
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