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Briellajaden111 - Desperately Have to Pee Compilation

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Briellajaden111 - Desperately Have to Pee Compilation
In this awesome clip you will get three of our top selling peeing clips for a highly discounted rate. It is a great deal, and from the popularity of these videos you will want to see all three. So spend some time watching this hot compilation video I put together just for you...xoxoxo This clip includes: 8 Months Pregnant Passenger Stuck in a Car and Desperately has to Pee: So I wasn't planning on making this video. However, as I was driving in the car with my mother I decided that I really should use the bathroom. I had to go so badly. Ugh! I shouldn't have drank that big coffee before being on a long ride in the car! There are no bathrooms anywhere for awhile. This is real life. This is why it is filmed on my Iphone, but it is filmed in high quality. I am desperate to pee. Watch me go from having to go bad to desperately needing to go. My mother makes fun of me, and purposefully misses exits she could take to allow me to relieve the need to pee. I shake, and try and hold my pussy to ease the pain of having to go. Nothing is helping. My bladder is pulsating and I explain how bad I have to go. I shake and jump around, all the while being mocked by my own mother. She finally stops at a fast food and I run in to use the toilet. I get all this on tape including me finally peeing. 8 months pregnant... and I really need to pee in this clip. Check it out. Pregnant and Have to Pee So Bad! I really have to pee. I never realized how intense the need to go could get when your pregnant. But then I realize my boyfriend left and locked me into the hotel. The door was jammed and I wasn't strong enough to push it open, and somehow I locked the door to the bathroom so I couldn't use the toilet in there. Watch me jump around and do the "pee dance" as my bladder is filled to the brink and there is no where to go! You can tell I have to use the bathroom so bad! At one point I even tremble a little bit. What the hell am I going to do? I scream for someone to help me but all to no avail because nobody come. I realize there is nothing to do but pee... So all out of options a girl has to do what a girl has to do
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