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CandieCane - Exxxotica New Jersey convention pee

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CandieCane - Exxxotica New Jersey convention pee
The video begins with my walking around the show. It was quite busy, always the best show of the year. You can hear the announcer on the microphone and music playing in the background, along with a quite roar of people talking. I am wearing tight little jean shorts, a black see through spotted tank top, neon piano key knee high socks, and lace cat ears! We are walking around looking for the restroom, as I tell you about the show. I am there with my company, selling sexy toys and lingerie at my booth. Finally we arrive at the female restrooms. As soon as I walk in, a friend of mine says hello. I continue walking past as we chat, as I really have to pee! I walk through the row of stalls and choose the last one of the right. We walk into the stall and close the door behind us. I begin to unbutton my shorts and pull them and my panties down. Then I squat down over the toilet and let me pee begin to flow out. As I am peeing you can hear females chatting and toilets flushing in the background. I pee for almost 20 seconds straight! I really had to GO hehehe! My pee stream was really rushing out, it even accidentally squirted out sideways and peed on the toilet seat LOL! Once I finish peeing, I show you the toilet filled with yellow, and then let you watch the last drops of pee slowly drip off of my pussy hairs. You can hear females chatting in the background, but you can't really make out what they are talking about. Then I grab some toilet paper and wipe up my wet bush! Then I wipe off my thigh, as it got wet with pee when my vagina decided to squirt out sideways LOL! Then I get up and continue to wipe up my leg, because I still had pee all over my from my pussy spraying out wildly all over haha! Once I am finally dry, I pull up my panties and shorts. Then I flash a smile at you before flushing the toilet with my socked foot. I then open the door and we walk towards the bathroom mirrors and sinks. You can hear females chatting all around me. I set you down behind the sink, so I can wash my hands. Random females are trotting about and talking with each other, but you can't really make out what they're saying. Then I dry my hands up and we walk out of the stall. As soon as we walk out, you can hear the loud convention music playing. We are headed back to my booth. I briefly show you the convention, including the booths and people walking about, before I shut off the camera. No one really notices that I am filming, as the convention staff places signs everywhere that filming does take place by lots of people, that is is allowed, and that they should know that by taking part in the convention, they are agreeing that they could be on camera from someone at the show. Most people don't care, and a lot of people actually get excited to be in others videos and photos =) If you haven't taken part in a porn convention before, you really should try it out at least once! They are a fun experience and there are lots of topless, gorgeous women, which everyone loves h...
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IvanSlovakia 15 November 2019 05:32
She is so sexy. I would like to drink her pee every morning.