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Candie Cane - Public Park Peeing Adventure!

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Candie Cane - Public Park Peeing Adventure!
I woke up today and it was a beautiful day! I decided I was going to head to the park and find somewhere naughty to pee for you! It was kind of cold, but no rain or anything, so I figured the park would look beautiful on camera and not many people would be there with it being somewhat cold. I got there and I was right! The video begins with me on this giant wooden bridge that goes over a giant lake. I was ready to be daring! I was walking around under this giant covered bridge and I had a great though.. Why not climb up onto the top of the bridge and pee off of it! I had a brought a female friend to hold the camera for me, because I needed my arms to climb lol! I show you the bridge and have to wait a moment because some people are walking past! As soon as they walk through, I pass the camera off to my friend and start climbing the bridge! I get about half way up and realize that I won't be able to pull down my pants because I need my hands to hang on.. LOL! The plan was not thought out very well! So I sit up on the middle of the bridge and all the sudden my camera girl tells me someone is coming! LOL! I come down and these dang humans decide to take a seat right by the bridge, so I can't attempt peeing off of it! So I walk over to the edge of the bridge, and head to where the water is. I see random people running around through the park, hopefully they can't see me LOL! I walk over to the edge of the cliff, and start to take my clothes off. I undo my belt, pull down my pants and panties, then remove my shoes to get my pants off. Keep in mind I am in public, anyone can see me at any time LOL! I had forgotten that I had a tampon in, so the string is hanging out. I really had to go, so as soon as I am undressed I let my stream spray off of the cliff into the water down below. Then I bring you in close to see the pee all over my legs and hairy pussy! Then I rush to get my clothes back on before one of the random park goers sees me LOL! My pants got all wet hahah! Finally I got myself dressed again and let out a sigh of relief! My girlfriend is randomly shouting things at me lol! Then I show you where I peed, and all of the leaves are soaked! Then I show you the body of water I was trying to pee into! I had held my pee for hours to make this video! Then I pull up my shirt and show you my big, full breasts hehe! Ok, time to head out of this area and back to safety. I show you the park and tell you how I really wanted to pee off the top of this bridge! I am going to have to plan that next time and wear some shorts that I can pull to the side LOL! I pull my boobs out again while I tell you how nervous I still am! I laugh and we spin around in circles together :) Then I take you with me to walk past these people that were standing around and pretty much prevented me from peeing off of the bridge. They are just sitting there. I wish they could've sat somewhere else LOL! Then I tell you it is time to go, I flash you a boobie, and tell you I love you guys hehe! xo
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