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Candie Cane - Peeing ALL OVER the carpet in a Mall Dressing Room

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Candie Cane - Peeing ALL OVER the carpet in a Mall Dressing Room
This was a situation that I randomly walked into and had a bright idea... I was at the local mall trying to buy a few gifts for Christmas and I noticed that a department store was closing soon and everything was on sale. I walked in originally thinking that I could pick up a few cheap Christmas gifts. After a minute or two, I realied that there was just too much going on and not enough employees, so I could do something very naughty without anyone noticing! So I start to grab a random few items and head into a dressing room. I take off my clothes, with my only goal being to pee on the dressing room carpet floor! You can hear there are two ladies in the dressing room next to me and I worry that they may hear me.. I start to let my pee spray ALL over the carpet floor of this dressing room! At times I have to squeeze and pee very slowly, so the people outside do not hear me! I spray and drizzle ALL OVER the place!! I do POV shots and then aim the camera at the mirror so you can see my entire body as the pee sprays out of my hairy bush!! It was SO exciting!! Afterwards I show you the pee pile stain on the floor and the pee I accidently sprayed on the mirror hahaha! Then I get dressed and take the giant stack of items others left in the dressing room, and place them over my large wet spot on the carpet floor! Then we run out of that dressing room and get out of that store quickly! At this point I was still very paranoid that someone was going to catch me!! I let out a sigh of relief when I finally got out of the store undetected LOL!
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