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kendrajames - Craving Goddess nectar

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kendrajames - Craving Goddess nectar
Your place is on your knees underneath Me and ready to serve. Everything you do is for the benefit of your Mistress and to make My life better. Your desperation to please is endless and you'll do anything for your Mistress. Every command I give makes you happy because you know it's meant to please Me. I know how badly you wish to serve as anything I wish, even My toilet paper. You want to bury your face between my legs and d*rink My golden nectar, lap it all up and gulp it down your throat. Beg bitch! How badly do you want to taste Me, to feel every last drop of warm piss slide down your throat before licking My delicious pussy clean? What makes you think you're privileged enough to do so? Open wide and d*rink! Don't you dare spill a drop of golden delicious nectar! includes: Mistress Kendra, Kendra James, female domination, femdom, humiliation, pee, piss, soaking your face, toilet training, toilet humiliation, wet and messy, piss slave, g*olden showers, full bladder, tits, milf order a custom video *
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