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Drink Up Piss Boy

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Drink Up Piss Boy
Sweet Miss Raevyn is on her throne and talking to you in this hot scene. She says “After a day of abusing my slaves, sometimes if they’re lucky enough I bless them with my piss.” She explains that anything that comes from her body is a treasure and should never go to waste. She spreads her legs and you see her sweet pussy. “I know as my slave toils for me all day he thinks about my pussy and everything that comes from it” she adds. She says that today she is only going to piss in a bowl and then he will drink it from there and lick the rest up from her shoes and the floor where some is sure to land. “I bet you wish you were my slave?” she says to you. She squats over the bowl and empties her bladder and comments how strong it smells. It’s a beautiful gold color. She says that if she ever finds a live in slave she might allow him to lick her pussy clean of pee after she has pissed in his mouth. Now she decides to torment you with her ass and says special treats come from there as well and as a devoted slave you should long to be her full toilet. She spreads her cheeks and tells you to open your mouth and imagine what it would be like. To get it though you will have to suffer first. “Nights spent in a cold cage, woken up every morning with a beating” she explains. Finally she calls her slave over and tells him to get his nose in the bowl. “I made him go through the entire night without a drink, so drink up piss boy” she says, as she pushes his head into the bowl.
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