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Anavictoriaxo - Pee compilation

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Anavictoriaxo - Pee compilation
A collection of 8 awesome Pee Fetish clips! I fill a glass, piss nude, piss in different areas and more: Clip 1: I begin topless, pull my panties off, sit on the toilet, spread my legs and pee naked while smiling at you. You see me wipe and I show you my piss as I flush it. Clip 2: I had to pee SO bad! I was desperate. Wearing a see through fishnet thong body suit, I spread my legs (facing you) pull my crotch to the side revealing my shaved pussy and I pee into the toilet. I realize I have no toilet paper so I shake dry as best I can, walk over to get some (causing pee to drip down my legs) and then you see me clean myself up and flush. Clip 3: Wearing red, lacy lingerie, I walk into the bathroom, pull my panties off and piss loudly. I wipe, show you my toilet paper and ass, and then flush. Clip 4: I'm wearing different red lingerie, I sit down on the toilet to pee and pull my 32DD tits out for you. I sigh in relief, wipe, and show you what I flush. Clip 5: Wearing a top that shows sexy under boob and a thong, I show off my body for you before pulling my panties down, sitting on the toilet, spreading my legs and giving you a close up view of my pussy as I spread my lips and the pee pours out of my tight little hole. Clip 6: Wearing a t-shirt and yoga shorts, I pull off my bottoms completely, pull up my shirt and I piss into a clear glass for you. See how much I fill this sucker up! Clip 7: My ass was freshly spanked and has the marks to show it. Your view is as if you were sitting inside of the bathtub watching me as I sit down with my ass facing you hanging over the side of the tub. You get a nice close up of my little pussy and asshole as I piss for you. You see me wipe and show you the mess I made inside of the tub. Clip 8: Close up pissing from behind. Wearing a mini skirt and thong only (no top), I bend over, pull down bottoms and back up super close to you, giving you an awesome view of my piss spreading my pussy lips open as it seeps out like a waterfall. I spread my pussy for you before the clip ends.
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