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Pretty Lady, Wet Panties

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Pretty Lady, Wet Panties
More unfortunate girls who just wanted to get to the ladies room in time! A long-haired sweetheart rushed through the store to find the restroom, but when she got there had no time to pull down her panties and panty hose. After streaming a hot pint of pee through her undies and stocking, she carefully wrings them out in the sink and gets dressed as best she can before going back out into the store once more. A squirming schoolgirl holds her legs together in agony searching for the loo. When she squats over the toilet piss streams out through her white cotton panties. She has to blot and clean up with a wad of tissue. She even needs to get the piss out of her sandals! She rolls up her panties and goes back to her daily routine commando, with no underwear beneath her short silky dress. A saucy miss in leopard print blouse and denim skirt almost ruins her outfit when she pisses herself in the ladies' room. After a quick rinse she squeezes out the offending pee from her wet undies and shimmies back into them.
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