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Charm Her Wet Panties Off!

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Charm Her Wet Panties Off!
Our cameraman has a talented tongue that can charm the pants off pretty ladies. When he talks to a sweet-looking 20something, she goes along with walking down a residential street with skirt hiked up and pink panties out in the open for the world to see. Then she stops in the middle of the street and wets her pants, letting the drips trickle down her legs and the crotch of her pink undies soak through with steaming peepee. She knows how naughty she is and giggles at the scandalous mischief. Dropping the panties to hand off to the camera guy, she parades down the street with her pussy on public display. As she walks away she lifts her hem to give us a peek at her perfect round ass... What a cute naughty, naughty girl! Amazed at his luck, the cameraman tries again with a pretty lass in sailor suit. She's a shy one and nervously steps up the stairs drizzling pee with each step as we watch her panties slowly soak through. She smiles back and giggles, but we know she's embarrassed and as pink as those pretty undies.
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