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Yummy Piss Games
On his way back home, the worrying husband (JJ) calls his wife (Tera Joy) to inform her that he will be delayed because of the sheer amount of work in the office. But his wife is not sad at all about this, and that has something to do with a visit by her new girlfriend (Johane Johannson). Tera Joy is busy having tempestuous sexual pleasure with Ms. Johannson, and welcomes very much the delay of her husband, who obviously knows nothing about this little situation. When JJ finally arrives home, the girls are already in such a hot mood that they cannot be bothered to stop. Instead, they invite him to join in on their very wet game of pee sex. Sometimes a delay can have also its good sides, as JJ will learn in this erotic three-way session that will end with all three participants drenched in piss and cum.
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