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Mess With A Bitch And Take Some Piss

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Mess With A Bitch And Take Some Piss
Sneaky Nicole Vice thought she’d stop by to see whether she would have another flavor of Alyssia Loops boyfriendlooking all dolled up and ready to go, but Alyssia is on for her and is out to get some revenge! Screaming at Nicole to get some answers and”just talk”, Nicole runs in the bushes, but Alyssia is in a rage and isnt going to let her get away so simple! After she finds the little bitch she moans her and roughs her up, finally pulling out her dildo and placing Nicole in her place! Hey, if she wants to fuck around this is exactly what shes going to get, a little tough, entirely clothed lesbo action right there at the lawn! Initially anxious, Nicole shortly comes around, loving this”punishment” as she gets her pussy rocked, however, Alyssia isnt going to let her be the only person to eliminate, making her offer her the identical treatment and pound away on that pussy! Looking good as fuck in elegant outfits although getting rough and nasty, this duo is still till they both cream in the lips, however Alyssia remains mad and has another”present” for Nicole, a golden shower around her fur vest and slutty face! Nicoles also got a lot constructed in her bladder as well, which she rains down all over Alyssia, really revealing just what a bitch she is!
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