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The Piss Bridge

The Piss Bridge
Lolly is doing some sneakin around on Jay Dees property, checking him out from under a small bridge, but when shes caught hes more than happy to lift her up and start workin his moves on her. However, first hes gotta take a piss off the bridge, but when Lolly cant keep her eyes off of what hes doing he decides she might as well get a close-up eye-full of his package in the form of a golden shower, and then fucking her right there on the bridge with her sexy piss-soaked self! Jay Dee of course wants the piss favor returned, with Lolly blasting him down with warm piss from her pussy, and from there this dirty fucks in multiple positions under the hot sun as the piss action continues and they get stinkier and stinkier and piss proud of it!
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