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Maid For Piss

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Maid For Piss
Yenna knows she looks amazing in her black satin skirt and jeans, rocking a classy casual sort of look, but as she's admiring herself in the mirror her man comes home, upset that she's not mopping the place like she's supposed to. So, he decides that he's gonna have his way with this sexy babe and make a much bigger mess in the process! Yenna's initially shocked by getting golden showered right then and there, but as soon as her blouse and jeans are soaked and smelling of piss she's all about it, putting her pussy up for grabs, putting her ass high in the air to get pissed on, and all around taking this dude for a ride! It's a pissy mess of hardcore watersports, and this guy ain't stopping until Yenna's got a face full of spunk and piss, and he wants his fresh load blasted out of her pussy as well!
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