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Surefire Piss Cure For Bar Boredom

Surefire Piss Cure For Bar Boredom
Morgan Moon believed she was just going to have a low-key evening at the pub, looking fine as hell and sipping her drink, but if Claudia Adams, currently blond and looking mad in her pink lace shirt, this evening turns out to be anything but dull! Before she knows it Morgan´s getting her pussy licked up kitty fashion from the always deviant Claudia, and when the barman gets a glimpse of this activity he gets the fuck away in the pub and gets to this lesbian session using a stone hard cock and a great deal of stink to bust all over these chicks afterwards he fully-clothed fucks the hell out of these! These satin clad babes might be hot hot, but dousing them in some piss will reveal them what´s up!!
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