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Pool Sluts Pee On The Floor

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Pool Sluts Pee On The Floor
Dixie and Gabi enter the room in extremely skimpy bathing suits carrying towels and a beach bag. They are angry because they got kicked out of the public pool. Their male roommate asks what’s wrong and they tell him the lifeguards kicked them out of the pool because they said their bathing suits were too revealing. They think this is ridiculous and illustrate to the roommate by bending over to show that they are totally covered (they’re not). Finally, they say they should be able to just be nude at the pool anyway as they strip out of their bikinis. They start talking about how the fact they aren’t allowed to be naked at the pool is forcing them to have tan lines and that’s a violation of their rights. The roommate mentions that there is a lot of sun coming in the window and they should just tan inside the house so they can be naked. They decide that this is a good idea and lay their towels out on the floor in the sunny spot. Dixie tlaks about the lifeguard that was eyeballing them at the pool. Gabi thought he was hot and they should've sucked his dick and then maybe they would've been allowed to stay. Dixie agrees and starts masturbating cause the thought of sucking his cock is hot. She then turns over and starts to sun her ass in doggy and pisses all over her towel. Gabi follows suite and empties her bladder as well. They decide that tanning on the floor definitely does not replace the pool. Gabi suggests that they should go back and suck the lifeguards dick so he’ll let them back in the pool. The roommate asks if they want to fuck since they’re both obviously horny. They thank him for the offer but decide they want to go back to the pool to fuck the lifeguard and get up to leave.
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