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Hot Date Goes Cold When She's Desperate To Pee

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Hot Date Goes Cold When She's Desperate To Pee
Siouxsie has been on a hot first date with a new guy and it's gone so well she decides to go home with him. They enter his apartment and are getting affectionate when he suddenly tells her he has to run upstairs and see if his roommate is home before they continue because she's kind of a prude. She tries to ask him where the bathroom is because she really has to pee, but he insists he'll be right back and runs off upstairs without telling her. Siouxsie is pretty flustered as he runs off, she had been trying to not let on how bad she had to pee since it was a first date and she was trying to make a good impression, but she had been holding it for a long time already and now that they were finally at his house, she really desperately needs to go to the bathroom. She hopes to herself that he really will be right back as she grabs her crotch and crosses and uncrosses her legs trying to hold it in. He seems to be taking way too long and she is getting more and more desperate, she's pretty sure at this point that she's going to piss herself if she doesn't get a toilet very soon and so she starts looking around for other options. There is a vase with flowers in it on the kitchen counter and she thinks about it for a minute. She thinks she could probably just pee in this vase and he'd never be the wiser, but then the idea of getting caught occurs to her and she shies away. She grabs hard at her crotch and continues her pee dance for a little longer before realizing that she is definitely not going to make it to a toilet. She makes her decision and quickly pulls off her panties and climbs onto the counter to piss in the vase. Just as her bladder explodes and she starts to piss in the flower vase, her date and his roommate come down the stairs. His uptight roommate screams at Siouxsie and her date wondering what kind of whore he is bringing to her house that would just get naked and pee in the kitchen all over the flowers her boyfriend gave her! She demands that Siouxsie get out of her house immediately and so she climbs down in horror and grabs her panties as she tries to leave as quickly as possible in her humiliation.
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Ashutosh Tayade
Ashutosh Tayade 29 April 2020 12:42
Please add Cherie deville one also